VICTORIA – As one of many bilingual Canadians Norm Letnick is challenging the federal NDP’s attempt to repeal the Clarity Act and revive the old separation debate and asks BC NDP leader Adrian Dix to stand up for Canada.

This week, the NDP introduced a bill in Parliament that would repeal the Clarity Act which outlines the process by which a province could separate, eliminating the need for a clear question and a clear majority.

In May 2012, Mr. Dix said he believes it is “crucial the country stay united and remain an example to the world,” and would even champion national unity at the highest level should the separatist Parti Quebecois form government in Quebec. Seven months later, and instead of promoting national unity, his party is actively seeking to make it easier to split up Canada.

“I’ve heard Mr. Dix say he would fight for Canada – well, now is his chance. Please tell Mr. Mulcair to come to his senses,” says Letnick, MLA for Kelowna-Lake Country and Minister of Agriculture.

In addition, the federal NDP seem to consider their party constitution more important than Canada. Changing the NDP constitution requires a two-thirds majority – whereas they believe Canada should break up with a majority of one vote in one province.

The BC Liberal Government fully supports the Clarity Act – not the NDP re-write.

“I’m asking Mr. Dix to defy his boss and speak up for Canada. As a fellow French speaker, I would expect he understands what’s at stake here,” says Letnick. “Our priority as parliamentarians should be clearly focused on economic expansion, jobs, and improving the services citizens need here in British Columbia and across Canada, not making it easier it split our great country apart.”