The Ministry of Citizens’ Services and Open Government has announced a grant for $338,037.04 in compensation for municipal property taxes.

Why this Matters:

  • 64 communities across British Columbia will share $16.9 million in grants-in-lieu of property taxes.
  • These grants are distributed as a way to reimburse municipalities for services benefitting government properties, such as sewers, roads and fire protection.
  • The amounts paid are based on the assessed value of the properties and the municipality’s tax rate.


“These grants are part of our ongoing commitment to British Columbia’s municipalities. Every year, communities across British Columbia benefit from these provincial resources which help pay for local services and lower the tax burden on businesses and residents.”

– Minister of Citizen’s Services and Open Government and Westside-Kelowna MLA Ben Stewart

“At more than $330,000, this grant is a significant re-investment back into municipal services in Kelowna.”

– Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick

“Municipalities deliver important services to provincial properties, so it only makes sense to reimburse Kelowna for delivering them.”

– Kelowna-Mission MLA Steve Thomson