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Okanagan Valley Corridor

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Consensus among those First Nations and local governments that participated in the Okanagan Valley Transportation Symposium process was achieved with respect to identifying a long‐range vision and strategic priorities for transportation in the Okanagan Valley.

The long‐range vision for the Okanagan Valley transportation system will:
  •  Be a safe, functional and efficient network;
  • Include fully accessible public and active transportation options within and between communities;
  • Be a coordinated approach to multi‐modal and sustainable transportation;
  • Protect and preserve rail and other rights of way for the future; and
  • Plan network improvements, assisting in community revitalization and provision of alternate routes.
The top five strategic priorities for transportation in the Okanagan Valley include:

1. Intersection safety and congestion; passing opportunities & alignment improvements
2. Intra & inter‐city transit; active transportation
3. A coordinated regional approach to multi‐modal & sustainable transportation planning
4. Protect rail rights‐of‐ways; goods movement;
5. Network improvements